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About SwedeRoots


My name is Lars Hallberg and I live in Sweden. Genealogical research is what I do.

SwedeRoots has found the Swedish ancestors of many American families. SwedeRoots has connected newfound relatives with each other. Many have travelled to Sweden to meet long lost relatives.

I have done genealogical research for more than 30 years. I have a Master in English and Cultural Geography and a BA in Journalism. I am a member of several genealogical societies - regional, national and international.

I speak, read and write Swedish, English and German, and I can read and understand Norwegian and Danish

All the persons in the old pictures are my family

I'm beginning to think that I asked the wrong questions of the people I had previously paid to find him. Otherwise, how could you find so much and they couldn't find even a trace of him? I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have found you./Kay B, Chicago, Il

I just returned home to find this exciting news! I'm really so happy to find so many living decendants./ LeRoy M, Winston Salem, NC

I can understand how, with access to census and good parish records you can find dates and relationships but how in the world were you able to come up with the story behind the Napoleon connection – Pomerania, the battle of Uckermunde and all the other details?? Also the man who died in an accident while putting up a wire fence in 1834? Are the Swedish records that detailed??/ Greg J, Athens, GA

With a background in journalism and a voracious curiosity, Lars brings a detective’s passion to following every clue he can find. This resulted in a few surprises and some fascinating details about the lives of my ancestors. My mother and I are thrilled with what he found for us. I feel more “swedish” than I have in my lifetime. And I like it!/Karen M, Minneapolis, MN









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