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What we need and what you get



What we want from you

Any information can be important. This will be of great help:

- The name of the person you want us to research
- Date and place of birth, marriage, death, emmigration etc
- Occupation, trade, line of work
- Any place of known residence in Sweden
- Known family members - children, parents, siblings etc
- Your goal for this research. Do you want to find as many ancestors as possible? Are you looking for living relatives in Sweden?

The more information you give, the better. Sometimes a little detail can be the key to unlocking a family history.

It´s free to ask. When we get a request for a research, we will examine the information you provided us with to see if it is enough to start a project.
If so, we will come back to you with an estimated cost for different alternatives.

Payment is via PayPal or bank transfer when the job is delivered.

What you get from us

Everything that we find.

- You will have a list of sources for birth, death or marriage entries.
- You will also have copies from the original records. These copies are quite large and will be sent on a CD.
- You will have GEDCOM-files of the research, possible to open in most genealogy programs.
- You will have data in different family tree formats as pdf or jpeg. A six generation tree will cover 2x6 feet.
- You will also have family report in a Word format with one page for each family, with lists of names and places.
- If you wish to find living relatives in Sweden, we will do our best to provide you with addresses, telephone numbers etc.
- We will answer questions you may have after recieving the results of the research.
From experiece we know there will be many.


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